Why should Agents join Virtual Online100% Commission Real Estate Brokerage?

100% real estate brokerage means agents to keep all their commission. Agents pay a small flat fee per transaction. CURB is the one real estate company that offers 100% commission real estate splits to their agents. Online real estate reduces overhead expenses such as office space and utility bills. Agents will get more of their earned commission. Online real estate brokerage is the way of the future for the real estate industry. In this way, agents will have more control of their real estate business. Agents can double their income without doubling their effort.

Let's talk about the 100% commission structure. How does it work?

There are many different companies in the industry that claim to have a 100% commission model. But there are only a few companies that have managed to do it successfully. When an agent joins a brokerage with a 100% commission model. He receives 100% of their commission on every transaction. Agents only have to pay a flat fee per transaction. CURB is a leading online brokerage company in the field of a 100% commission business model. And our agents only pay a flat fee of $595 per transaction!

As we know technology has changed everything. It also influences real estate. The old school of real estate brokers no longer has much to offer their agents. With the virtual real estate model agents don't have to follow schedules of meetings, don't drive to their office, no need to meet the clients. Everything was done on the internet.

100% commission virtual online real estate brokerage changed everything. That's why now agents prefer virtual online models. They can have all their commission and only pays a flat fee. They are also able to work independently. So, if you want to be an independent plus to keep all your commission, join CURB License Park CA brokerage today.

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