How Much Does Keller Williams Pay Compare To A 100% Commission Real Estate Brokerage?

In this blog, I am going to explore the commission difference between "Keller Williams" and the 100% commission flat fee brokerage. How much 100% commission flat fee brokerage and the famous corporation brokerage; ReMax takes from their agents.

I copied the following information from an article. CEO of Keller Williams said. "The Commission split that Keller Wiliams offered agents is a hybrid of that offered by traditional franchises and 100 percent commission organizations. The Keller Williams Agents/ Keller Williams Realty receives a 70/30 commission split from the first dollar of gross commission income generated. The agent was responsible for paying a franchise fee to the international office each year, which was capped at $3,000. The agent was also responsible for paying a fee to the market center,..."

So, if the sale price for a home is $449,500, calculate with Keller Williams how much an agent would receive. On a 3% commission, the amount earned by the agent would have been $13,485. After Keller Williams takes their big chunk of $4,046 the agent will end up with only $9439. Keller Williams agents will also pay a "franchise fee" of $3,000 per year. From the original commission of $13,485, the agent will have only $8439. Keller Williams will have $5,046. I am not including the extra fee Keller William's agent also must pay to the marketing center.

Now let's look at how CURB deals with a commission. Instead of paying $5046 like Keller Williams, with CURB agents have only paid $595+$95 E&O, for a total of only $690 VS $5046! With the Keller Williams model the agents end up with only $8439 but with CURB it's $12,795. it means the entire $4,356 goes into the agent's pocket. WOW!

So join CURB 100% Commission Brokerage to keep more commission in your pocket.

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