You can transfer your license immediately and stop paying ALL real estate board fees today !

It is NOT necessary for your current broker to release your license. Call us if you have questions: 888-279-4230 

Simply follow these 2 easy steps to join:

Fill out the CURB Membership Application below. After we review your information
you will receive a welcome email from CURB within 24 hours confirming that your membership is complete. Please also complete Step 2 (below) the same day.
100% Commission Real Estate Brokers California

Go to the California Bureau of Real Estate website to transfer your license to CURB: eLicensing  

(If you don't have an online profile with the BRE you'll need to create one first)

• Click  "Add Responsible Broker"
• Enter Employer license Number: 00823528  Then click: "Display Employer Information"
• When Broker's name appears, click "Save Broker Information"
• When asked "Is your responsible broker is available to certify your Salesperson affiliation" select "No"
• When asked "Would you like to enter your employer's email address?" select "Yes" 
• Enter:
All done and welcome aboard !