Does Virtual 100% Commission Real Estate Brokerage really exist?

First of all, I am going to brief the agents about 100% commission Flat Fee brokerage who don't have much knowledge about that. In fact, they are brokerages that give agents a 100% commission on all the deals. Agents only have to pay a flat fee per transaction based on the deal they close. They don't have to worry about 50-50 split or 50-80 split. Agents pay a flat fee and have all their commission. That's what a flat fee brokerage is. That's why many agents prefer to join 100% commission real estate companies. This is the one and only brokerage model that allows Agents to take all their commissions with them. On all the deals with zero brokerage splits! by paying a flat fee per transaction.

100% commission brokerage works online. Like other famous real estate companies, there is no need to be present physically in the office to sign papers and all that stuff. If we compare it to 100% commission, you have to follow emails, all the paperwork will have done electronically. All the procedures will have done by email.

So, the purpose of this blog is to inform the agents of the way CURB works in a true 100% commission model brokerage that really exists. This is a big surprise for the agents who work with old traditional real estate companies. They don’t have to give a big amount of their commission to their brokers. They can keep all their commission by paying a flat fee per transaction. With CURB, the agents after receiving 100% of their commission hardly pay a small transaction fee of $ 595 for the broker for overseeing the transaction, as required by law.

Now a day, a new type of realtors believes in an online brokerage that allows them to be independent and the ability to keep all their commission. If you want to keep all your commission and be independent. I welcome you to take a serious look at our full-service real estate company CURB-100% Commission Flat Fee Brokerage.

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